The Voguepedia

Imagine having detailed access to every Vogue magazines from 1892 and until now. Wouldn´t you become crazy? That´s what happened to me today when I found out this could be possible. The story of fashion is finally gathered in one place: The Vogue Archive. This tool comes from a collaboration between the trend forecasting online page WGSN, and the American version of VOGUE magazine.

Fashion addicts and every insider in the Fashion business may have access to photographs, illustrations, information and all about fashion from 1892 until now.

Search for certain information you are interested on, or take a peek into the changes of a specific designer, every inquiry on VOGUE´s fashion will be brought to you.

All archives are in it´s original version, giving you the possibility to take a look back to the fashion history. This inspiration tool has access to whomever wants to, of course, this has a price to pay. You can get access to the page here

Hope you enjoy it!


4 thoughts on “The Voguepedia

  1. Me parece una idea genial que VOGUE nos permita conocer sus valiosos archivos para aquellos que somos amantes de la moda en todas sus épocas!
    Gracias Pino por compartirlo!

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