Defying Gravity

Yoga has been one of my favorite activities for almost 4 years now. It really helps me be in touch with my inner me, it soothes my mind and helps as a regular “fitness activity” as well.

I started as a Hatha Yoga fan, but lately, I´ve tried several kinds of yoga like: Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Vinyasa. All of them are very distinct since they focus on different aspects. It was on this never-ending adventure that I discovered my latest addiction: D-Gravity.

You might be wondering,  what kind of yoga is that?! I have to say, it´s one of my favorites. It´s a mixture between gymnastics, pilates, dance, acrobatics and yoga (kind of Cirque Du Soleil style). A hammock firmly hanged to the ceiling will let you define yourself and gravity with many posture possibilities.

The American dancer and gymnast, Christopher Harrison, created this yoga style with the intention to improve health, soothe stress, gain more flexibility and, of course, improve your body figure as it focuses on your abs, lower back, arms and butt.

I have to say this discipline really requires self-confidence, since there are moments you just have to let go yourself. For me, this has been a personal challenge in every class since every day I get to push myself a little harder and gain more confidence.

The exclusiveness for this yoga is held by DIR Fitness Club in Spain. I really urge you to practice it. You will be seized by an indescribable feeling of freedom.


5 thoughts on “Defying Gravity

  1. Pino, as allways it’s so amazing what you do! I dont even want to imagine myself doing this kind of’s so scarry! For sure you have to be very self confidence as you said…
    But i know you have that and much more!

    Very interesting!

  2. Pinito querida y adorada.
    Que éxitos tan maravillosos estas teniendo. Que padre que te aceptaron en esos trabajos.creo que vas a aprender mucho
    Con respecto a las clases de yoga, en efecto parecen del cerque du soley. Ten ucho cuidado y que estés muy feliz te adora y extraña tati.

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