H&M Mexico…a journey with GQ

Last June I traveled to Stockholm, in collaboration with GQ Mexico magazine, to the H&M offices. This trip had the purpose for all the journalists to get to know more about the H&M world as this retail store opened November 1st in Mexico City. I have to say I arrived to Sweden liking H&M, but after 2 days of meeting the H&M team, offices and getting to know and understand it´s high commitment to their clients and the world itself, I declare myself as a huge fan of it.

I had the privilege of interviewing Karl Johan Persson, actual CEO and grandson of H&M’s founder, also, I spent an afternoon with Andreas Löwenstam, Head of Design for Menswear, where he took me to his inspirational places around Stockholm. I hanged out a lot with the H&M team (from Stockholm and Mexico), they were amazing in every detail and event; from interviews, visit to the showroom, shopping at H&M, time at the office (which is breath taking because of the styling everyone wears to work!), dinner time or just for a conversation, they made each one of us comfortable and happy at every time.

It was an excellent journey! The H&M team really lives their everyday into the company´s philosophy and it definitively shows in the great success they accomplish day by day.

My article was published in the November issue of Mexican GQ. I leave it for you to enjoy!


6 thoughts on “H&M Mexico…a journey with GQ

  1. Este articulo esta sensacional, muy bien escrito, muy bien redactado, claro
    Y nos da idea de las nuevas tendencias y casas de moda importantes,felicidades a la autora de este interesante articulo,

  2. Que bueno que tendremos en México una tienda de la calidad de H&M y que gusto que Pino esté ligada al tema de la moda, que le va bien porque es de naturaleza elegante. Además, es claro que ha madurado mucho. Se nota tanto por sus interesantes actividades como por su estilo de redactar. Felicidades Pino!!

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