The Art of Seduction

It seems that lately it´s all about Christian Grey and the marvelous book of seduction everyone´s talking about. However, there is another book on seduction which, in my opinion, it´s the best know how book on the subject.

Written by the famous author, Robert Greene (well-known for his excellent, and also a must book, The 48 Laws of Power) “The Art of Seduction” is one of my favorite books ever.

Seduction does not only mean the sensual part. Seduction means having THE POWER to attract people, to charm them and to captivate them with the final purpose of obtaining every single thing you aim for.

Think about a job interview, being introduced to a new group of people, a presentation in front of a large group or, of course, a person you want to get…it´s all a matter of seductive attitudes.

In “The Art of Seduction”, you will be presented to the 10 different kind of seducers, the 18 kinds of victims and the 24 steps (divided in 4 phases) to archive and develop your inner seducer at the most.

This compilation of studies from Freud, Ovid, Kierkegaard and Einstein, to name some, will turn back time to make you understand each type of seducer. Also, to make it easier, famous lifetime seducers like Cleopatra, Casanova, JFK and Josefina Bonaparte, serve as examples and show you the best and the worst in every type of them.

This timeless, amoral game of seduction has been there since the beginning of times. We all want to know how to “cast this spell” and learn to be masters in seduction. But first, you have to find out who are you, and how do you normally seduce to make the most of this weapon.

Ready to get what you were always aiming for?


6 thoughts on “The Art of Seduction

  1. So…you mean like this is something like Austin Powers “MOJO” ?
    JAJAJA! I loved your today´s blog….it´s so you…!

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