BiancoLatte per favore!!

Ahhhh Milano!!! There is something about this city that I just adore. It´s not only it´s trendy atmosphere, people´s attitude or it´s amazing architecture, Milano goes way beyond.

Among many delicious places, nice coffees and trendy terraces there is nothing like BiancoLatte! Imagine entering a coffee shop, gelateria, restaurant and shop all in one; besides, imagine a trendy place, 100% Italian that makes you feel at home. Getting an overall picture in your mind? 

This is a MUST stop every time you visit Milano. Not only do they serve the best gelato I´ve tried worldwide (Lemon flavor leaves you speechless, literally), but they have a wide menu for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Craving for sweets? You´re in the right place; pastries are freshly oven-baked each day, their cakes are prepared according to historical recipes handed over by Nonna Lina, and all of them are home made. 

On the other hand, coffees are perfect for an afternoon stop. “Biancolatte is Italy with it´s coffee” is even one of it´s slogans and I really agree with them, as I still remember the cappuccino I had, it was beyond good…

Also, if you feel like shopping for compliments like cups, or funny tea bag with Karl Lagerfeld holding it for you, it´s tiny shop is perfect for you

I truly recommend this place as it´s nice atmosphere and perfection in every meal they serve is amazing. I had to go back twice in my short weekend visit, as there is always something else I want to try.

Now you know that at Via Turati there is an “it” place which will make your day taste sweeter.


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