The sweatshirt reign

Sometimes street wear speaks more than the catwalk does, believe me, Bill Cunningham knows it best.

Sweatshirts were once conceived as a sporty item, a garment worn for Sunday afternoons at home. But this time, sweatshirts take the leading role in fashion.




It´s all about mixing and achieving a très chic look, there are no boundaries or laws dictating a know how.

I´ve always been an observer and an analyst when it comes to street wear, and Barcelona streets are a perfect place to do this field work. Although there is a dominating Bohemian style in the city, there is always a mixture of styles, as this cosmopolitan city allows a little bit of everything.

Lately sweatshirts have been all over in the streets. Mixed with sequined skirts, patterned pants, leather shorts and denim.

There are infinity of possibilities. Personally, I enjoy wearing a simple sweatshirt and make the most of it with oversized jewelry. 

It´s up to you to decide the styling and make it yours; just as Bill Cunningham once said: “A lot of people have taste, but they don´t have the daring to be creative”… now it´s time.



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