The Color of the Year

emeraldEvery season defines itself with a specific colors that determines every accessory, garment and everyday objects. However, the 2013 “it” color has finally been announced by Pantone: it´s all about Emerald. 17-5641Emerald




Pantone 17-5641 Emerald is here to stay. Prepare yourself for a rush of color, beauty, harmony and a lively spirit which will define 2013 as a great year full of well being.Issa

Captura de pantalla 2012-12-07 a la(s) 16.36.04We often associate Emerald with the precious gemstone, the sacred stone of the goddess Venus which helped preserve love, but this color has a deeper meaning; emerald-green stands up for life, abundance renewal and health. Wouldn´t you like these to join you throughout 2013? Emerald is a sure bet to start the year!!


One thought on “The Color of the Year

  1. I love the concept of wearing emerald green, it´s a beautiful color, almost for every body, and also this year is about life, abundance, health as you just said, and…and good luck!

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