Matcha Tea

Matcha teaI´ve been a tea addict for more than ten years now; from red, white, green and black to a never ending variety of mixtures and infusions. Six months ago, I discovered the “King of teas”, I was very sceptical about it since it had an awful aspect and it looked nothing like a normal tea; I introduce you to matcha tea.

Matcha refers to a premium green tea which is finely milled into powder, bringing you the complete benefits of the entire leaf instead of drinking only the brewed water. This Japanese beverage is made from shade-grown tea leaves also used to make gyokuro, and has been used for Japanese tea ceremonies since the XIII century.

Matcha tea

This tea has huge values over any other tea; when having a bowl of matcha tea, you´re ingesting 10 glasses of normal green tea, in terms of antioxidants and nutritional value. Still hesitating? Matcha is ideal to boost metabolism and burn calories, it´s rich in chlorophyll and fiber, an excellent detox source, perfect for diabetics and people with insulin problems as it is sugar-free, reduces cholesterol and blood sugar; also, it contains L-theanine, an amino acid known to relax the mind but be in an alert mood as well (Buddhist monks used it for meditation) and vitamins A, C, E, K and B complex.

matcha tea leaf shortbreadsMatcha can also be used for baking and cooking meals, such as ice-cream, noodles, cupcakes and wagashi, among others.

I drink it in the morning, before any meal. It helps me to soothe hunger a lot, so I end up by having half the breakfast I would normally eat; it also helps me to awake, enhance my mood and be more concentrated in my everyday activities. I wouldn’t recommend you to drink it in the evening since, in my experience, you´ll have a very long night (trust me).

I´ve observed that, since I started with matcha, I haven´t gained a pound (I even lost weight) but the best part is that I really feel very good all day long. It´s the perfect combination for my yoga activity.

Matcha teaI must say, this is not a cheap tea, it is actually very expensive for the portion you get, but it is a very worthy product to include in your everyday diet and also to start taking care of yourself in every aspect.

You can find matcha tea at Teavana in Mexico, in Tea Shops in Spain, or get it online in the US in this excellent page, which also has very good tips: (be sure to keep it well closed in your refrigerator).

I leave you with a video so you can learn how to prepare your matcha at home, it´s very easy and actually, it feels kind of a ritual. Cheers!!


4 thoughts on “Matcha Tea

  1. Pinin adorada, me encanta como escribes. Eres una excelente comunicadora.
    Lo malo es que te tengo una pésima noticia, ODIO EL TE, el Matcha, el de canela, manzanilla etc.

    Sin embargo te adoro y y me súper encantan tus BLOGS.

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