Gloutonnerie: My Birthday’s choice

GloutonnerieIt´s always a tough decision to choose a place to celebrate your birthday, in my case, I wanted a nice restaurant where I could have excellent food, exquisite wine, nice music and where I could be at ease; for this multiple reasons, it all pointed out to one of my top 5 restaurants in Mexico City: Gloutonnerie.

I first visited this restaurant when it opened it´s doors in 2007 and, since then, I´ve always been an assiduous client. One of the first things I was really amazed by was the decoration, this contemporary-retro place with Art Decó elements positions Gloutonnerie as an ultrachic spot, with elegant taste and a sophisticated touch. Gloutonnerie

Located at Campos Elíseos street, in Polanco, this restaurant is well-known for it´s French-International food. Terrine of Foie Gras, Onion soup, steak tartar, homemade pasta and, in my point of view,  the best Escargots a la Bourguignon in Mexico, are some of it´s delightful dishes made by Chef Anuar Estrada.Escargots a la Bourguignon

Sopa de Cebolla

As a wine lover I definitively have to talk about the uniqueness of this restaurant´s winery. More than 250 labels from the best wines in the world are gathered in Gloutonnerie’s Winebox. This unique concept helps every person understand, in an easy way, the best way to make the most of each chosen wine: country, region, type of grape, tasting notes and suitable marriage. This fancy box is well-organised by countries in an elegant way making the “wine decision” an interesting, pleasant and fun experience. Winebox

This place is excellent for family and friends reunions, as it has an amazing terrace in which you can have a last glass of dessert wine, Louis XIII Cognac, carajillo or a delightful dessert.terraza gloutonnerieTerraza Gloutonnerie






I love this place as I always leave with a good taste in my mouth (in every sense of the word). I assure you that you´ll have a pleasant experience while visiting as each dish is treated as a masterpiece made by an artist, just be sure to have a light breakfast cause every meal is worth trying!

All images are courtesy of Gloutonnerie

Twitter: @Gloutonnerie

logo gloutonnerie


4 thoughts on “Gloutonnerie: My Birthday’s choice

  1. Pinin que magnifica propaganda para el restaurante, nunca he ido pero iré y me acordare de ti.
    Confirmo que eres muy amena para escribir. Te adora. Tati

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