Fashion Fun

Danny RobertsFashion is an art, that´s a fact, but apart from the amazing sketches made by designers, the fabulous styling, the “making-of” at every runway and the photographs immortalizing fashion moments forever, fashion has a fun side as well.

This time I´m not talking specifically about a mix and match, accessorizing or adding color to an outfit, this time it´s all about fashion illustrations.

Cate Blanchett

When Vogue Australia launched it´s 50th anniversary cover in 2009, it was amazing. Cate Blanchett featured the cover, made by the British illustrator David Downtown, wearing a Martin Grant gown and Cartier diamonds. The importance given to drawings was truly shown in this edition, where this cover included 4 more illustrations to collect, a true masterpiece!Vogue austraila cover



Another excellent illustrator from Manhattan, Joana Avillez, made an astonishing work by drawing 10 of the most influential fashion icons and editors for Refinery29. From Iris Apfel to Grace Coddington; from Julia Sarr-Jamois to Stefano Tonchi and from Olivier Zahm to Kim Hastreiter. Her drawings are worth admiring!

Giovanna BattagliaAnna Piaggi

Harajuku collaboration








Also, clothing talks for illustrators lately. For example, Danny Roberts (one of my favorite illustrators ever) sells his illustrations on etsy, but his drawings placed on clothing can be found at his blog, Igor + André, where you´ll also find some of his amazing drawings. His artistic taste has driven him to collaborate with labels such as Forever 21, Tiffany & Co., Gwen Stefani´s Harajuku Lovers, W Hotels and publications such as Vogue Brasil, Vogue Spain, Elle, Marie Claire Spain and much more. T shirt

OlsenAnother artist I love is Hayden Williams, you should check out her blog if you are into fashion illustrations as her designs are amazing.

Finally, I have to boast a little too. I was very excited when my friend from school Martha De la Vega, sent me some drawings of her own creation. In fact, this was the inspiration which drove me to write about illustrations.

Martha believes drawing is a gift that can be communicated to others. Pen and pencil define her style, thoughts and personal way of being, leaving her with no barriers at all to achieve any purpose. She wanted to inspire and give people a satisfactory experience, and I definitively had it while writing today´s post…Il Dolce Stilo


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