The It Hair Treatment

MacaviWhen I arrived to Barcelona a year ago, I made a wide investigation on beauty salons. I became really strict in this research as I was looking for a nice and comfortable place, with prestigious stylists who made me feel “like home” but also “safe” in their hands. It turned out I found a place that had it all, MACAVI. I must say, this is the only place in Barcelona where I completely trust on stylists hands and taste, as I always leave feeling extremely satisfied.

MacaviMACAVI is the place where I get my hair cut, colored and treated, but this time I had an urge to repair my hair. Throughout the years, I´ve tried multiple treatments in every field: nails, skin, eyelashes; but yesterday I made a major discovery in the hair department: the oxygenation treatment.

I wasn´t very sure what was I about to get, as I only called the salon to have a hair treatment with Gemma (my personal stylist). I trusted and let go, as she is an expert in the field and knows perfectly each of her clients’ needs. I have to say this treatment was a total experience, it had nothing to do with anything I´ve tried before, and I really felt the urge to share it with you as it is amazing!

MacaviFirst of all, I was taken to a VIP room, where this treatment takes place. This room was originally founded in Paris (Rue Tronchet 15) as the Leonor Greyl Institute, and it´s designed to cover the most sophisticated work in hair esthetic. Barcelona has the same: comfortably designed, with aromatic candles, products, accessories, tea and your privacy. (Every product used in MACAVI is by Leonor Greyl, made with natural assets)

In this room it all started with the application of the Régenérescence Naturelle oil throughout my hair roots with a soft massage to distribute it throughout the scalp (this oil favors microcirculation and prevents scalp damages), then a flower cream treatment was spread in my whole scalp and the Masque quintessence ( repairs damage ends, nourishes, brightens and smooths) on the rest of my hair till the ends.Foto 15-01-13 13 46 58Macavi








The best part was when I got an incredible massage in my scalp, shoulders, back and chest with the Huile Magnolia (nourishes skin), I was speechless. Afterwards, I had the roller for a few minutes to enhace each products benefits with the heat, and then the product taken out with hot water emulsions and a massage. Could I ask for more?

Masque quintessenceLast but not least, vitamin was rubbed in my scalp to prevent hair from falling and to give an extra booster with a final massage done with a special equipment that vibrates to soothe the scalp. Gemma really nailed it!

The final result was amazing, I really noticed a huge change and improvement in my hair. Apart from a healthy and nourishing treatment, this was also super relaxing. Compared to every other hair treatments I´ve tried, I loved this one with Leonor Greyl products way beyond, because being treated with natural products makes a difference as chemicals are the ones responsible for almost all my hair damage. I really urge you to try it!Pino Garcia

Remember, you can dress out amazingly and wear gorgeous clothes and accessories, but in order to look beautiful you must always feel good and healthy; this is my leitmotiv and the reason I love to take care of myself in every aspect.

Jan Mac Macavi’s telephone:  93 416 0496


7 thoughts on “The It Hair Treatment

  1. Wooow tu cabello pino!! U look beautiful muero por hacerme ese tratamiento yaaaa!!!! Espero regresar pronto a Barcelona para poder tener la super experiencia!

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