It´s all about Gin

Bobby Gin

I have to confess that I´ve been a whisky drinker for a few years now, I was actually pretty sceptic of any other drinks, including Gin Tonic, until I found a place that changed this perspective in every aspect: Bobby Gin.

Located in Gracia’s heart, in Barcelona, Bobby Gin simply has “the thing”. It’s cocktail-dinner concept makes it suitable for a pleasant dinner with drinks, or an after dinner drink, or a pre dinner drink, it´s up to you.

Bobby GinIt’s name is inspired in Robert “Bobby” Gallower, an Englishman whose grandmother used to soak his dummy in her Gin Tonic to keep him from crying. That particular aspect provided the guideline for Bobby’s excellent taste when he moved to New York. He served gins tonics in a balloon glass and tried with several essences and spices to enhance the flavor, making him one of the best bartenders back then.

Bobby Gin“The perfect Gin Tonic does not exist” is Bobby Gin’s slogan. I wouldn´t be so sure about that, since this place has a wide variety of Gin Tonics to try: floral, herbals, citric, balanced (none of it´s elements stands out over another), spicy or vintage (with a more intense flavor); and you can choose from a menu of more than 50 Premium Gin labels: Beefeater, Gin Mare, Hendrick’s, Martin Miller’s, Bulldog, Tanqueray, Saffron, Ish, Master’s, Berkley Square…the possibilities are endless!

If you care to try something different, try the Ginfonk. I know, you might be wondering what on earth is this?! Ginfonks is the evolution of the Gin Tonic. Created by Bobby Gin, this beverage consists on adding infusions, herbal liquor or essences directly to the gin, only at the end you can add the tonic water. (Gin tonics have the essences/fruits and herbs added when the gin is already mixed with tonic).Captura de pantalla 2013-01-25 a la(s) 13.15.10

Not into Gin at all? Don’t worry! There are several other cocktails made by the bartender Franceso Giardina and Alberto Pizarro (worldwide winner of the Cocktail Theatre and the Stars 2011). Try a short drink like Fifty Miles (Bushmills Irish whiskey, Dolin Dry vermouth, pear juice and bitters), a long drink like Tokyo Blue (Ketel One vodka, Japan shochu, raspberry, lychee and lime juice  and roses). Not an alcohol drinker? How about a Ginger Mojito? (Ginger, lime, sugar, soda and mint).



My suggestion would definitively be to try 12+1 Gin Tonic. Each month, Alberto Pizarro introduces 13 (12+1) new Gin Tonic proposals treated which special care. This concept gives each Gin Tonic a unique author touch, where unusual elements and flavors are added.

You can always have a nice dinner too, the marriage of beverages and meals are done perfectly to suit each plate you ask for.

Captura de pantalla 2013-01-25 a la(s) 13.13.39

Finally, my next step into this Gin Tonic experience will be to have a Gin tasting at Bobby Gin. For 90 minutes I´ll be introduced to the Gin world learning how to differ each aroma, taste, flavors and of course, how to make excellent Gin tonics to share with friends. I´ll let you know after I’ve had this tasting with every single detail! After all, it was Robert “Bobby” Gallower who said: “God Save the Gin”.

Restaurant images are courtesy of Pastor Heredia Studio.

www.bobbygin.comCaptura de pantalla 2013-01-25 a la(s) 13.16.25


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