Sauvignon Blanc: pleasure in a bottle

sauvignon-blancI find the world of wine extremely fascinating. Among many other drinks, wine itself outstands for its unique capability of making every single sip a nouveau experience. So many flavors, colors and a variety of different notes, represent every single bottle as one of a kind, delivering a mixture of sensations and, of course, an experience for every wine taster.

On Saturday, I tasted a white wine which I have to stay, ranks among my Top 3 list: Señorío de Garci Grande Sauvignon Blanc 2011, coming from the D.O. Rueda. It´s fruity taste and mango notes go way beyond many white winesGarciGrande_Verdejo_Viura

Though it is a young wine, it´s intense aroma with varietal hints of grapefruit, mango and passion fruits make it fully-flavored with a long finish, I even dare to say it has a sensual touch in it.

As a result of having the must stirred together with its own lees, this crisp straw yellow wine has a smooth viscosity that puts each of your senses to work immediately. The recommended marriage for it goes from white fish, shellfish and risottos, to paellas, grilled dishes and stews. Personally, I tried it with bogavante and it was an explosion of mixed flavors that soon turned into pleasure.

BODEGAS_GARCIGRANDE.img_assist_customThe rareness and uniqueness of this wine comes directly from the Bodegas Garci Grande Winery, which have an aristocratic past for being highly appreciated and preferred between the Court of Madrid.

Only a very small quantity of Señorío de Garci Grande Sauvignon Blanc is produced, making this elegant and exotic flavored wine an object of desire not easily found. So whenever you find one, feel lucky, but most of all just feel and taste…


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