An exclusive place for wine lovers

SitgesIt seems like finally warm weather is here to stay. Beaches in Barcelona, chiringuitos and terraces are starting to be full, and coats have been replaced by dresses.

Making the most of this friendly weather I decided to visit Sitges last weekend to have some time off and relax.

After a 30 minute ride, I arrived to the town of Sitges, renowned worldwide for its Film Festival and Carnival. The weather was perfect for a walk so I just took off looking for interesting things…and it turns out that I did find something that really attracted me.

In the middle of Carrer Sant Gaudenci, the buzz of a group of people laughing while smoking a cigarette grabbed my attention. They were all holding a glass of wine in the entrance of a wine bar: Perbacco.entrada

As I walked in I noticed a very nice environment filled with wine lovers, all chatting on small groups while enjoying a glass of wine. A long rectangular table surrounded by a wide range of more than 790 references in wine (red, white and rosé), cava, champagne and liqueurs was the place to be for me on that afternoon.

vinosPerbacco is a wine store which offers the possibility for customers to taste wine while enjoying a plate (or plates) of selected tapas. It has nothing to do with a restaurant as the exclusive environment really offers the customer the possibility to try very good wines accompanied with exquisite tapas like: mature sheep cheese, smoked sardines, Iberian hams and sausages and bread (to name a few), in a more informal and friendly atmosphere.

I tasted an excellent glass of Carmelo Rodero, Ribera del Duero 2011 (9 months in barrel), a plate of mature sheep cheese and bread sticks…it was paradise! I´ve always thought that the first sip of wine is always the best, but in this case every sip was even better till the last drop.quesos

Perbacco offers special and personalized attention in every situation, either for purchasing or tasting, they make you feel like the most important client in the store.

I urge you, when visiting Sitges, to visit Perbacco, an exclusive place for exclusive wine lovers…


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