Alexia Niedzielski

At Valentino's party in honor of Anna Wintour

At Valentino’s party in honor of Anna Wintour

Not only is she one of the co-founders of “ Ever Manifesto” – a sustainable fashion magazine- alongside with Charlotte Casiraghi and Elizabeth von Guttman, but she is also a style icon and it girl, she is: Alexia Niedzielski

As part of the international jet set, Alexia’s appearances in the social scene are always accompanied by a chic but “unfinished look”, which she masters to perfection. The French-Brazilian photographer has an intrepid style which makes her stand out among other girls.

On April, Alexia and Elizabeth von Guttman launched their newest publication “System” featuring Nicholas Ghesquière on the cover and including his first interview since leaving Balenciaga.Alexia

Niedzielski certainly lives in a fashion world, and her style reflects every part of it. She can be frequently spotted with other it girls like Giovanna Battaglia, Margherita Missoni and Bianca Brandolini d’ Adda.  

She describes her style as gypsy-bohemian, but it is only a reflection from her bond with Paris, Brazil and London (where she lived for 10 years).

Nature-conscious, socialite, entrepreneur and fashion figure…she´s got the look!DVF dinnerWith Elizabeth von GuttmanLouis Vuitton


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