Gala González

Photo by Ruben vega

Photo by Ruben vega

She is a well renown blogger, DJ, fashion designer and also Adolfo Dominguez’ niece: she is Gala Gonzalez.

With a great sense of fashion and an amazing taste, this Spanish style icon has appeared in publications such as Vogue, Elle and in international campaigns as Loewe, H&M and Mango. Her blog Amlul has captured the attention in the fashion industry becoming the encyclopedia of the blogosphere.

Her unique style and effortless looks make her a reference when it comes to street style. From boho to classic and girly to sexy, Gala has an eclectic facet that makes her even more interesting.Milan street style

This je ne sais quoi that she owns naturally is the reflection of a girl who loves fashion, and fashion loving her. Gala Gonzalez´s got the look.


GalaGala GonzalezGala Gonzalez


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