KoolArt expo at Ramses



It´s finally Friday, time to relax, have fun and make plans for the weekend. I´m not sure what I´ll be doing this weekend, but I definitively know where do I want to be next one… at Ramses Life & Food Restaurant.

From July 18th and until July 31st , KOOLART (a select group of artists) will be presenting an exposition at the emblematic Philippe Starck-designed Ramses. The aim is to present any ordinary space into an extraordinary visual experience.



The exposition will be composed by photographs and sculptures by artists such as Toni Riera, famous for spreading worldwide the cherry images from Pachá Ibiza, and Giovanni Duke, who is presenting his “Skools” made out of Swarovski crystals.

Skools by Giovanni Duke

Skools by Giovanni Duke

Each work of art presented in the exposition is willing to embellish every place you walk through and look at. A cascade of colors and a personal perspective of life from each artist takes place in this expo, reminding us that life is too beautiful to not stop and admire it.


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