Ribot Barcelona: my latest crush

Photo by Catalina Garcia-Mena

Photo by Catalina Garcia-Mena

Barcelona has always been an inspiring city for me. Every aspect of the city claims for admiration as it has so much to offer in every aspect. This same awe that I feel for Barcelona has stimulated artists, directors and designers, but it has also inspired common people to create unique pieces; this is the case of Ribot sunglasses.

Ribot is my most recent “crush”, this sunglasses are not only a fashion item but they are also nature conscious as they are made out of wood. The name “Ribot” itself comes from the tool used to cut timber and smooth pieces of wood.

The brand was founded by four friends who were inspired by the enchantment of Barcelona’s neighborhoods. In fact, each of the different models of sunglasses are fairly named by this neighborhoods: Sarria, Gracia, Borne and Eixample as the pioneers, and later on Ciudadela and Sarria Mini.

Colours Collection

Colours Collection

Ribot turquoiseAll Ribot sunglasses are unique as the wooden streaks make the difference in each pair. The mix & match between attitude and fashion has attracted celebrities like Dani Alves, Nuria March, Godeliv, blogger Eli Mass, Alejandra Prat and Andrea Huisgen to make this accessory their new ally.

Photo by Catalina Garcia-Mena

Photo by Catalina Garcia-Mena


I chose a fun pair of Gracia sunglasses in a turquoise color, but there are plenty of options for every occasion and personality. The classic collection consists of 3 different wooden colors (dark, medium, light) and the Special Colours collection of 5 colors (pink, blue, turquoise, yellow and black), all of them with the possibility of having them adjusted.

Ribot sunglasses can be purchased in over 70 different places in Spain including: Nice Things, Be You, O´keans, Opticas 2000 inside El Corte Inglés and online via www.chicplace.com and www.ribot-barcelona.com

I love my Ribot sunglasses, what else can I say?

Ribot Classic Collection

Images are courtesy of Ribot Sunglasses Ribot Barcelona logo


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