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Dinner in the Sky at London

Dinner in the Sky at London

Since the early 90s and until now, pop up stores have been a trend in the big urban cities. The aim? To have a temporary exposition on any imaginable subject.  From arts to fashion, this trend has now expanded to the gourmet territory, creating what we call: pop up restaurants.

It all started in New York and London, as an underground experience with an intriguing factor meant only for few people. Later, “The Loft Project”,  by Nuno Mendes came along, presenting emerging talented chefs looking for rename.  This project quickly gained popularity, and though it is no longer current, it expanded through several countries, changing its original alternative twist into a gourmet and sybarite encounter.

"The cube" portable pop up restaurant

“The cube” portable pop up restaurant

This pop up restaurants are always a unique experience, as they are a mixture of creativity, talent and innovation. Each of them features a different essence, environment, timing and place: an abandoned train station, a hidden garden, an old factory or even over the Grand Canyon.

Dinner in the sky at Amiens

Dinner in the sky at Amiens

The experience I’m most willing to try is Dinner in the Sky, an extremely luxurious meal on a table suspended at a height of 50 meters over Paris, Istanbul or practically any place.

The leitmotiv of each pop up restaurant is the uniqueness and savoir-faire which is offered in each meal and, of course, the possibility to have an experience which will not remain in time but will remain for your life.



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