Monica Cordera´s necklaces

Monica CorderaI find necklaces as one of the most important complements when styling an outfit. That´s why I always look for pieces that are different than the rest and that can boost any look I wear.

In my continuous search for independent designers with great taste I found out Monica Cordera, a Spanish designer who has made a name inside the fashion world.

Last week I made my first purchase on her complements, as she also has clothing, and I have to say I loved them both. The flowers necklace was just perfect. It is easy to mix and style and it has this feminine touch that I love. On the other hand, I also bought a colorful necklace that can be either for day or night or formal to informal.

Monica Cordera

Monica Cordera







Monica Cordera is definitively going to be on my shopping list each collection. Do you like her style?



2 thoughts on “Monica Cordera´s necklaces

  1. Hola Pinito estan super originales los collares y muy bonitos, se te ve padre el de las flores, ojala puedas seguirnos mostrando todas esas tendencias tan innovadoras, felicidades.

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