My new hairstyle


Before the haircut and color

October is here and that means Summer is over. With the end of this amazing season, in which I I made the most at the beach, there comes terrible things like a weakened hair strongly abused by sand, sea, sun and heat.

With this change of season it was time to change my hair as well, meaning I had to visit my beloved beauty saloon: Jan Macavi.

I decided to take out my ombre style and change it for a more subtile color with a few reflections to brighten my face.

Changing the color

Changing the color

After having my hair dyed with Raquel, it was Gemma’s turn to style my hair. She always does an excellent work with it as she has this amazing tricks to make my thin hair look like a fully weight mane. She cut out 4 cm approximately, making my old long hairstyle turn into an amazing midi look cut.Foto 02-10-13 13 58 02

This look is perfect to have it up in a pony tail, buns or braids as it has a perfect lenght for it; but it is also suitable for a perfectly straight hair or a curly mane, just like the one Gemma did to me today.

Do you like it?

Gemma and me

Gemma and me


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