Maridame: A new gourmet spot at Barcelona

Maridame BarcelonaYesterday, I was invited to try a new gastronomic experience at Barcelona: Marídame. This new spot located at Sant-Gervasi district is the perfect place for gourmet lovers, as if has a wide range of products for exigent palates.

Marídame comes from the word “maridar” which means to marry or combine wine with food; and this is exactly what this space intends for every person to do: marry the preferred wine with the adequate cheese, cold meat, chocolate, etc.MARIDAME

At Marídame, “every wine is married to a product, and every product is married to a wine”.

Maridame storeThe store is divided in 3 spaces:

Store area: Presenting more than 200 references in wine, liquors, beer, cheese, vinegar, oil and gourmet products; the store offers 95% of Spanish references and 5% of the highest quality products like Champagne, Oporto and Tocai.

Tasting area: A perfect 6 table spot to try and combine the products.

Experiences area: An area where tastings, workshops and courses take place.

Wine dispenser

Wine dispenser

One of the things I liked the most was the wine dispenser that Marídame has. 8 bottles are presented for you to select either sparkling, wine, rosé or red. It works by injecting nitrogen each time a glass is served. This way the bottles don’t get oxygen in. The glass can go from 1 to 6 euros.

Zutanita 2012

Zutanita 2012

I tried “Zutanita 2012” a very soft and fresh rosé wine from the grapes Cinsaut and Grenache.

Pino Garcia wineAlongside with different journalist and bloggers, I tried the variety of cheese, bread and cold meats offered to us.

This was truly a gastronomic experience for my taste…

Maridame Barcelona


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