CH Pink Wish Cloud

CH Pink wishOctober is the breast cancer awareness month. During this month many brands support this cause by fundraising with limited edition products.

This is the case of Pink Pony, from Ralph Lauren; Pink Ribbon, from Estée Lauder and CH Pink from CH Carolina Herrera.

I was lucky to work for CH during this project and get really involved in the cause. CH Pink is a collector´s edition product that supports the campaign for breast cancer awareness. Every year, the classic CH fragrance dresses in Pink during October with a limited edition name, this year it stands for “Wish”. CH Pink

The motto for this campaign is Support with a smile, meaning we all need to comfort and support emotionally those who are going through breast cancer. For this reason, CH has created the CH Pink Wish Cloud, an online page for yo to upload your wishes and share them with your loved ones. Wish cloud

In this awareness month, let us send a message of hope and our best wishes to those who need it the most… you can upload your wish by clicking here!  I already posted mine 🙂

CH Pink wish cloud


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