Blu Barcelona

Blu Barcelona

Blu Barcelona

This two weeks have been crazy. I just moved back to Mexico City and have tons of things to do!! Anyways, I saved a last post from Barcelona with which I wanted to close my experience at that amazing city.

One of the things I enjoyed doing the most in Barcelona was walking (I know, sounds weird). More concretely I loved to wander through Passeig de Gracia and look at the window displays and visit my favorite stores, by doing this I bumped into one of my biggest store crushes: BLU Barcelona.

Blu Barcelona

Blu Barcelona

It’s not that I don´t love jewelry shops like Cartier, Rabat or Montblanc, but BLU Barcelona has a je ne sais quoi that gives uniqueness to its store. The exoticism and technical mastery in each of its pieces makes every jewel a lifetime masterpiece.

I had the please to meet BLU’s owner and designer Marc Codina Eguileor, and chat with him about BLU. He is a very well known jeweler worldwide as he has an innate talent when it comes to precious stones, gems, diamonds and jewels. “Every piece at BLU is of unique creation… we are a reference when it comes to Fancy Colour Diamonds, as only 1% of the worldwide production of diamonds are of this kind”.

Blu BarcelonaBlu Barcelona

I had the chance to try several pieces that definitively took my breath away! From emeralds and diamonds to sapphires and brilliants. I even tried the “Jewel of the year 2013”, awarded by the prestigious and sybarite magazine Barcelona Divina. This consisted on a pair of earrings masterly created in pink gold with spiral diamonds shape and angel’s skin coral colour. Absolutely stunning!!

Jewel of the year 2013

Jewel of the year 2013

Blu definitively has a savoir faire when it comes to jewelry. So when looking for something unique, now you know where to shop…

Marc Codina Eguilenor, founder and designer, with me

Marc Codina Eguileor, founder and designer, with me

Click here to vist the webpage or here to visit the fan page on Facebook.


4 thoughts on “Blu Barcelona

  1. Esta joyería se ve increíble!
    El diseño de los aretes es una belleza, con razón ganó ese importante premio!
    Que suerte que te los pudiste probar!
    Te hubieras tomado una foto con ellos …

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