My new job

Elle MexicoThe end of 2013 also brings new beginnings… more chances, friendships and a bunch of opportunities.

For me, this 2014 is quite exciting as I have amazing news I am thrilled to share with you: I was named Fashion Editor at ELLE Magazine Mexico! Starting January, I will be dedicating myself 100% to this publication so I will no longer write on my blog Il Dolce Stilo.

I urge you to follow my articles, recommendations and texts at ELLE Magazine Mexico, where I will be sharing all of my fashion tips and advice.

January 2014 cover

January 2014 cover

I really want to thank you all for sharing with me this journey into blogging and I hope you stay tuned with my new adventure.

Best regards and Happy New Year to all of you!!



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3 thoughts on “My new job

  1. Pino: muchísimas felicidades por tu nuevo trabajo, me parece que con tu experiencia en el área de moda vas a aportar mucho a la revista Elle.
    Me da gusto saber que voy a poder seguirte en tus publicaciones!
    Gracias por haber compartido en Il Dolce stilo tantas cosas novedosas e interesantes.
    Te deseo todo el éxito del mundo!
    Moda y Empresa.

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