A piece of Art-chitecture

Every day holds the possibility of meeting new people who contribute something to your life. In Barcelona, I´ve had the chance to meet amazing people from different sectors (journalists, designers, artists,…) who have given me new ideas, have encouraged me, or just inspired me.

Last week I had an extremely nice chat while walking through Barcelona´s streets with Josep Ferrando, an extremely well known Catalan architect. I knew his work as he is the master mind behind the house of my dreams. After a few minutes of talk I simply knew I had to include him in my blog, and since I´m a huge fan of lifestyle and Japanese food I knew exactly what direction would this post take.

Josep, along with the architect Esteban Terradas, designed the amazing Japanese restaurant Icho, located in the centre of Barcelona. This time, it´s not about wine and food, it´s about art!

When starting a new creation, Josep affirms: “I don´t have a personal signature on my work, I believe it´s more about creating a lifestyle”, and Icho is lifestyle itself. With a perimeter of irregular geometry perfectly and strategically planned, Icho focuses on the Japanese style of minimalism, serenity and space.

As for materials they decided to go for wood (for a warm atmosphere and a Japanese touch), polished stone (to reflect the ceiling´s amazing design), and steel.

When going inside Icho, there is just something you just have to watch: the ceiling. Made out of irregular wood and strategically distributed for an amazing antagonistic effect of dynamism and static, the ceiling plays with you along your way. Also, illumination and acoustic merge into the restaurant´s “landscape” through the ceiling, as they both take an important part in the Icho´s architecture. 


I had the opportunity to visit Josep´s working place and observe the mock-up for Icho, which was a work of art-soon to be an artistic restaurant. There is nothing else that I can say, it´s now up to you to observe and admire. Now remember, when you go inside Icho, you´ll be amazed by the architecture and precision which really functions as a lifestyle.


All images were taken by: Adrià Goula.