The Perfect Holiday Wine

With Ricardo Torreblanca, Sales Director at El Club del Gourmet

With Ricardo Torreblanca, Sales Director at El Club del Gourmet

Hello December!!! I adore this month, as not only Christmas is right next door, but also my birthday and multiple dinners, posadas and holidays…and when it comes to celebrations sparkling wine is a must.

To figure out the differences between the wide ranges of sparkling wine, I attended a tasting last week hosted by El Club del Gourmet at one of its newest stores in Colonia Roma. I usually attend their tastings as they make it fun and easy to learn about winery and gourmet lifestyle.Tasting




The tasting consisted on technical and cultural details and the tasting of 3 sparkling wines:

Davì Prosecco, Extra Dry  – D.O.C.G. Prosecco. Italy

Canard Duchêne Brut Rosé – A.O.C. Champagne. France

Devaux Grand Réserve – A.O.C. Champagne. France

Daví Prosecco Extra Dry

Daví Prosecco Extra Dry

Daví Prosecco Extra Dry comes from the grape named Prosecco Veneto, Italy(also named Glera) and it is produced in Veneto, Italy. It has a bright yellow color with intense aromas and flavors of yellow apple, pear and hints of peach.  It is easy to marry with practically any meal, but it suits perfectly with mole, seafood and desserts. It should be served in a temperature of 6º to 8º.

Canard Duchêne Brut Rosé

Canard Duchêne Brut Rosé

Canard Duchêne Brut Rosé is produced in Champagne, France. It has 45% of Pinot Noir grape, 25% of Pinot Meunier and 30% of Chardonnay. It has a brilliant graphite color with delicate and constant bubbles. Its aroma is citric with a hint of cherry and tastes as strawberry with a refined texture. This champagne will marry exquisitely with high dining Mexican dishes. Serve it form 6º – 8º.



Devaux Grand Réserve is also produced in Champagne, France. It consists of 60% Pinot Noir grape and 40% Chardonnay. Its aroma reminds us of toast, orange zest, butter and spices.  This wine is excellent to have as an appetizer and shold be served in a temperature of 4º – 5º.

Among them all, the Daví Prosecco was my favorite, and I really recommend it if you enjoy a fresh and subtle sparkling wine.

At Club del Gourmet store, there is also a wide range of red and white wines if you don’t like sparkling. Personally I would suggest Puzzle, from Uruguay, a 15 varietal red blend. Amazing!!

I urge you to visit El Club del Gourmet for you to find either the best present or to be the best host for this Holiday Season. Cheers!

Club del Gourmet Store

Club del Gourmet Store

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Maridame: A new gourmet spot at Barcelona

Maridame BarcelonaYesterday, I was invited to try a new gastronomic experience at Barcelona: Marídame. This new spot located at Sant-Gervasi district is the perfect place for gourmet lovers, as if has a wide range of products for exigent palates.

Marídame comes from the word “maridar” which means to marry or combine wine with food; and this is exactly what this space intends for every person to do: marry the preferred wine with the adequate cheese, cold meat, chocolate, etc.MARIDAME

At Marídame, “every wine is married to a product, and every product is married to a wine”.

Maridame storeThe store is divided in 3 spaces:

Store area: Presenting more than 200 references in wine, liquors, beer, cheese, vinegar, oil and gourmet products; the store offers 95% of Spanish references and 5% of the highest quality products like Champagne, Oporto and Tocai.

Tasting area: A perfect 6 table spot to try and combine the products.

Experiences area: An area where tastings, workshops and courses take place.

Wine dispenser

Wine dispenser

One of the things I liked the most was the wine dispenser that Marídame has. 8 bottles are presented for you to select either sparkling, wine, rosé or red. It works by injecting nitrogen each time a glass is served. This way the bottles don’t get oxygen in. The glass can go from 1 to 6 euros.

Zutanita 2012

Zutanita 2012

I tried “Zutanita 2012” a very soft and fresh rosé wine from the grapes Cinsaut and Grenache.

Pino Garcia wineAlongside with different journalist and bloggers, I tried the variety of cheese, bread and cold meats offered to us.

This was truly a gastronomic experience for my taste…

Maridame Barcelona

La Mercè wine tasting

Every end of September holds an amusing party at Barcelona: La Mercè. This 5-day celebration is a festival held in honor of the Patron Saint of Barcelona: The Virgin of Grace (Mare de Déu de la Mercè).

The schedule of events for La Mercè  (September 20-24) was all day long, going from parades, to correfoc and human towers.

Among all the events I decided to go, there was one that I really loved:  A wine tasting of Catalan wine and cava at the Arc of Triumph.

As you may know wine is one of my passions so I was really willing to do this. It was all perfectly organized with 53 white tents divided by D.O. (Alella, Catalunya, Cava, Conca de Barberà, Costers del Segre, Empordà, Montsant, Penedès, Pla de Bages, Priorat, Tarragona, Terra Alta). To start this amazing tour you had to buy tickets (food/drink) and your glass.Map

I decided to try 2 red wines and one white, and then end with my favorite dessert wine ever. Here are my choices:

  1. Castell del Remei- Gotim Bru- 2010 (red)Gotim Bru
  2. Synera Blanc- 1898 Ramón Roqueta (white)
  3. Marco Abella- Mas Mallola 2008 Priorat (red)
  4. Vi de Glass – Gramona- Gewürztraminer (dessert wine) and my favorite

Vi de glass - Gramona






Apart from wine and cava there were also cheese and cold meats to taste.

Some of the best cheeses I’ve ever tried were here: Formatges Mas El Garet and Formatges Bauma. These had a medal for the World Cheese Awards. They were amazing!! A true pleasure for the palate.Cheese


After this gastronomic adventure I went back home and slept for almost 12 hours, as you may imagine. Not bad for a Tuesday right?


An exclusive place for wine lovers

SitgesIt seems like finally warm weather is here to stay. Beaches in Barcelona, chiringuitos and terraces are starting to be full, and coats have been replaced by dresses.

Making the most of this friendly weather I decided to visit Sitges last weekend to have some time off and relax.

After a 30 minute ride, I arrived to the town of Sitges, renowned worldwide for its Film Festival and Carnival. The weather was perfect for a walk so I just took off looking for interesting things…and it turns out that I did find something that really attracted me.

In the middle of Carrer Sant Gaudenci, the buzz of a group of people laughing while smoking a cigarette grabbed my attention. They were all holding a glass of wine in the entrance of a wine bar: Perbacco.entrada

As I walked in I noticed a very nice environment filled with wine lovers, all chatting on small groups while enjoying a glass of wine. A long rectangular table surrounded by a wide range of more than 790 references in wine (red, white and rosé), cava, champagne and liqueurs was the place to be for me on that afternoon.

vinosPerbacco is a wine store which offers the possibility for customers to taste wine while enjoying a plate (or plates) of selected tapas. It has nothing to do with a restaurant as the exclusive environment really offers the customer the possibility to try very good wines accompanied with exquisite tapas like: mature sheep cheese, smoked sardines, Iberian hams and sausages and bread (to name a few), in a more informal and friendly atmosphere.

I tasted an excellent glass of Carmelo Rodero, Ribera del Duero 2011 (9 months in barrel), a plate of mature sheep cheese and bread sticks…it was paradise! I´ve always thought that the first sip of wine is always the best, but in this case every sip was even better till the last drop.quesos

Perbacco offers special and personalized attention in every situation, either for purchasing or tasting, they make you feel like the most important client in the store.

I urge you, when visiting Sitges, to visit Perbacco, an exclusive place for exclusive wine lovers…


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Sauvignon Blanc: pleasure in a bottle

sauvignon-blancI find the world of wine extremely fascinating. Among many other drinks, wine itself outstands for its unique capability of making every single sip a nouveau experience. So many flavors, colors and a variety of different notes, represent every single bottle as one of a kind, delivering a mixture of sensations and, of course, an experience for every wine taster.

On Saturday, I tasted a white wine which I have to stay, ranks among my Top 3 list: Señorío de Garci Grande Sauvignon Blanc 2011, coming from the D.O. Rueda. It´s fruity taste and mango notes go way beyond many white winesGarciGrande_Verdejo_Viura

Though it is a young wine, it´s intense aroma with varietal hints of grapefruit, mango and passion fruits make it fully-flavored with a long finish, I even dare to say it has a sensual touch in it.

As a result of having the must stirred together with its own lees, this crisp straw yellow wine has a smooth viscosity that puts each of your senses to work immediately. The recommended marriage for it goes from white fish, shellfish and risottos, to paellas, grilled dishes and stews. Personally, I tried it with bogavante and it was an explosion of mixed flavors that soon turned into pleasure.

BODEGAS_GARCIGRANDE.img_assist_customThe rareness and uniqueness of this wine comes directly from the Bodegas Garci Grande Winery, which have an aristocratic past for being highly appreciated and preferred between the Court of Madrid.

Only a very small quantity of Señorío de Garci Grande Sauvignon Blanc is produced, making this elegant and exotic flavored wine an object of desire not easily found. So whenever you find one, feel lucky, but most of all just feel and taste…