The XX Files

I perfectly remember the first day I listened to the XX, it was a busy day while working at Vogue and I found my day inspiration the moment I browsed someone else’s iTunes Library and clicked the Play button on a song named VCR. From that moment on I´ve been an addict of The XX. I find them relaxing for work, cool to play on a party, great to listen during traffic jams and perfect for my everyday morning walks.

This English indie-pop band, formed in London in 2008 is the author of several of my favorite songs like Islands and Shelter. XX was their first album in 2009, and on September 2012 they launched their second album titled Coexist. This album even has an app that allows you to watch exclusive videos for every song on the new album, play with an interactive version of the Coexist artwork, and receive messages direct from the band.

Since it´s Friday and we´re all in the TGIF mood, I´ll leave you with an excellent mix from Panic City that I personally adore! 

If you haven´t introduced yourself to the XX world, I profoundly suggest you to try it! Hope you enjoy your weekend 🙂