Mexico´s Jewel

There is something about jewelry…it has a majestic effect on women, an amazing influence combined with clothes and the ability to become objects of desire.

I have to confess though, that I never was a huge fan of jewelry; I always wore simple earrings and small necklaces that were almost unseeable, but this changed the day I first bumped into L.F.R Designs.

The first contact I had with the Mexican brand was when I worked at Vogue, we used to publish many of their creations as they were always refined, eclectic, original and trendy.

It was only three years ago when Leslie Fastlicht Russo launched L.F.R Designs (named after her initials). “It happened while creating a Buddhist necklace for a friend”, she affirms. For Leslie, this was only a hobby, but it turned out that this specific piece was the first one on her initial collection. Now there are six collections going on!

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, made out of stones and gems, are the leading materials in her creations. All of them have a nod to Indian Maharaja royalty and an homage to Thai and Italian master craftsmen.

What I love the most about L.F.R. is the uniqueness of each piece, inspired in culture and art itself, and the way any casual outfit can boost immediately while wearing them.

As time goes by, fame has grown paralelly with the Mexican brand. Famous celebrities such as Paz Vega, Jacqueline Bracamontes and Ludwika Paleta are some of the admirers of this hand-crafted jeweled designs.









Personally, I consider myself as a huge fan of L.F.R Designs, specially when it´s about the rings. Every time I wear mine, it causes certain curiosity on the people around me. It´s originality but, at the same time, design and materials, convert it in a masterpiece worth admiring. I assure you that L.F.R has the power to convert any anti-jewelry girl into an assiduous buyer…trust me.

All Images are courtesy of L.F.R Designs