Memmo Alfama



Every time I travel, I like to look for exclusive and hidden places away from the mass. The kind of places where you can disconnect from everything and just lay down and enjoy.

Last weekend I visited Portugal (Lisbon and Cascais). My experience was amazing as I find this country extremely picturesque: colorful buildings decorated with tile, narrow streets with a characteristic floor, ancient buildings, trams and extraordinary views.

Deep inside Alfama’s district, in Lisbon, stands a unique an exclusive hotel for lifestyle lovers: Memmo Alfama. This design hotel with 42 rooms, and a unique view of the river Tagus and Alfama, is the perfect spot for those who aim to feel like home away from home.



Its minimal decoration combined with an amazing hospitality makes Memmo Alfama a must when in Lisbon. The dualism between vintage and modern is evident when looking at the rooftops of Alfama district while chilling at the amazing pool deck. To enjoy what Memmo Alfama has to offer, you have to be staying at the hotel. This policy is what makes the hotel even more exclusive and cozy.

The terrace

The terrace

Gin Mare

Gin Mare









The terrace is the perfect place to listen chill out music while drinking an amazing Gin tonic (I suggest you ask for Gin Mare) and enjoying a sunset that you will remember forever…


Happy first anniversary at Dry Martini

Dry Martini BarcelonaTo celebrate my first anniversary blogging at Il Dolce Stilo, I decided to visit a very top and special place : Dry Martini.

This bar is owned by Javier de las Muelas, considered as one of the most prominent cocktail masters in the world.

With more the 30 years of history, Dry Martini is an icon in the Cocktail World. Its English style of a cocktail bar with leather sofas, dark wood and tons of different bottles; its art collection on the walls dedicated to his famous cocktail, its exquisite menu and its classic (and not so classic) cocktails has leaded Dry Martini to the list of the 50 best bars in the World!! Dry Martini Javier de las Muelas

My amazing gin tonic

My amazing gin tonic

This “must-visit” place in Barcelona has a unique enchantment and cozy atmosphere with an amazing know how in cocktails. Although you may assume that the drink to ask for is a Dry Martini (and it is) this bar is considered the third best gin bar in the world. I asked for an amazing gin which was masterly made and I totally support this title. (GIN LOVERS MUST TRY IT!)

Today, Dry Martini is considered one of the top 15 bars in the world, so make sure to visit it  when you come to Barcelona. Be sure to make a toast; mine was for a happy year blogging at Il Dolce Stilo…cheers!!!

DRY martini



Trending topic: pop up restaurants

Dinner in the Sky at London

Dinner in the Sky at London

Since the early 90s and until now, pop up stores have been a trend in the big urban cities. The aim? To have a temporary exposition on any imaginable subject.  From arts to fashion, this trend has now expanded to the gourmet territory, creating what we call: pop up restaurants.

It all started in New York and London, as an underground experience with an intriguing factor meant only for few people. Later, “The Loft Project”,  by Nuno Mendes came along, presenting emerging talented chefs looking for rename.  This project quickly gained popularity, and though it is no longer current, it expanded through several countries, changing its original alternative twist into a gourmet and sybarite encounter.

"The cube" portable pop up restaurant

“The cube” portable pop up restaurant

This pop up restaurants are always a unique experience, as they are a mixture of creativity, talent and innovation. Each of them features a different essence, environment, timing and place: an abandoned train station, a hidden garden, an old factory or even over the Grand Canyon.

Dinner in the sky at Amiens

Dinner in the sky at Amiens

The experience I’m most willing to try is Dinner in the Sky, an extremely luxurious meal on a table suspended at a height of 50 meters over Paris, Istanbul or practically any place.

The leitmotiv of each pop up restaurant is the uniqueness and savoir-faire which is offered in each meal and, of course, the possibility to have an experience which will not remain in time but will remain for your life.


A 365 App

iPhoneI have to confess I love apps, I´ve downloaded as many as I´ve discovered for the past year and a half, when I became part of the “Applediction”. Some of them have remained until now, keeping me up with fashion updates and daily news, helping me to boost my pictures, shop online, advice me on Ayurveda or distract me for a minute (…or ten) with the addictive Candy Crush Saga.

However, none of my apps has ever been as tailor made as one that I recently discovered: 365 by WGSN.

Although this app is only for iPad, it stands as one of my top 3 since it reunites fashion and lifestyle all in one. It consists of a truly global calendar for the fashion industry, where fashion and cultural events are published every day. No matter where you are, you’ll always have an amazing plan.365 WGSN

BeijingCatwalks, tradeshows, competitions, awards, cultural events, arts, music, or conferences will always be as close as a fingertip touch. I find this so comfortable whenever I travel because there is always something going on.

Now, if you are one of the lucky people to have a WGSN account, you can access WGSN CityEdit app. It´s City Edit section will show you the best shopping, eating, drinking, sleeping and culture that your destination has to offer. If you mix both apps, you will sure have the journey of your life…


Valentine’s Day Top 10 places to go

FriendsFebruary 14: The perfect excuse for a perfect plan. In love or not, this year cupid has plans for everyone: an amazing Girl´s Night Out, the most romantic dinner ever, the perfect first date, the best cocktails in town, or the funniest night with gals. Take note, cause whichever your location is, there is a plan that suits you. From Milano to New York City, I´ve made a list of the must restaurants to visit, for you to have a blast this Valentine´s day.

Torre de Alta MarBarcelona, one of my favorite places ever, is the first one on the list. I have two recommendations for this city: First, an amazing dinner at Torre D’ Alta Mar. Located 75 meters over the sea, with fabulous views of the city and the sea, this cosmopolitan restaurant is specialized in traditional Mediterranean cuisine. It´s avant-garde design and uniqueness has Philippines-Club-03brought the Prince and Princess of Asturias, Felipe and Letizia, and celebrities like Jodie Foster to dine at this place. Afterwards, visit Phillipines Club (Plaça Reial 6), the perfect place to grab a drink in a trendy but retro spot.




Next stop: The City of Light. Everything can happen in Paris, that´s why I love this city so much. To admire the whole panorama of the city, I´ve chosen a mixture between architecture, art, design, fashion and lifestyle: Georges. Located in  the 4th district on Centre Pompidou´s roof, this restaurant is catalogued as Paris’ best restaurants, an exquisite option for Valentines Day.

Kaah siisMexico City, my native country, has so much to offer. This time, a new proposal has recently opened: Kaah Siis. From the Mayan words “Kaah” meaning place of, and “Siis” meaning fresh, the name itself represents the essence of this Mexican cuisine which changes every single week.

Monkey Bar



Of course I had to include The Big Apple, that place where there is a mixture of every country, culture, language and people all in one. Start your evening with drinks at The Monkey Bar, an “it” place with “it” people. Afterwards, step by Indochine, one of New York’s best restaurants.

Famous since 1984, it´s exotic French-Vietnamese cuisine makes it a timeless classic always worth visiting and also one of Carolina Herrera Jr. favorites.

Designed by Peter Marino and located atop the Chanel boutique in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district, Beige restaurant is excellent for fashion-elite costumers.

beige Tokyo Simple but elegant, the refined French cuisine influenced by Japanese local produce, was found in 2004 by the famous chef and businessman Alain Ducasse and the fashion brand Chanel. With a private entryway accessed through Marronnier Street, Beige Restaurant offers 20-foot ceilings and walls of glass concealing the Tokyo skyline, paying tribute to the elegance of Mademoiselle Chanel.

La terraza del casino de madridBack to Spain, but this time in it´s capital, an extraordinary restaurant for the most demanding customers stands as one of Madrid’s top sites to visit: La Terraza del Casino de Madrid. Directed by Paco Roncero and advised by Ferrán Adriá (one of the world’s best chef), the rooftop restaurant of the Casino is surrounded by the most historical buildings on Calle Alcalá. Since 1988, the restaurant has offered creativity and originality, making each customer enjoy a culinary experience in an avant-garde mood tangible in it’s design, textures, colors and of course, it’s dishes.

Il GiardinoMilano Milano… a place where fashion, trends and excellent food reunite together. As a started head to Il Giardino, at BVLGARI Hotel, and let yourself be immersed into the scent of flowers and plants in this 4000 square meters oasis. Ask for a cocktail or a glass of wine and then, just sit down and enjoy. Originally, this garden was of a 16th century monastery, today it´s the perfect place to chill out and feel the atmosphere of Italy’s fashion capital. Paper Moon

For a nice dinner after drinks Paper Moon in the option. Via Bagutta is the street where this restaurant has been for more than thirty years. Favorite of international and local jet set, Paper Moon offers an authentic Italian menu with antipasti, risotto, pasta, pizza alternatives and of course, fish and meat.

Manaca SaoPauloOn the other side of the world an exotic, yet unique place stands in Brazil: Manacá. Located outside São Paulo, in Sao Sebastiao‘s Camburi, this restaurant offers a magical setting within a tropical rainforest. It is specialized in local seafood and signature dishes (banana-stuffed snapper) which can be delightfully tasted under banana trees and flowering canopy. Four separate dining rooms with chirping birds are the perfect location to enjoy a caipirinha while a fascinating flora surrounds you. Saude!

Munferit IstanbulIt´s name means one of a kind and it stands in Turkey´s biggest city as a “must place to go”: Munferit, in Istanbul, has it all. Offering innovative Turkish cuisine, this supper club has become one of Istanbul´s hot spots. It´s long drinking bar and a dining room are the tandem that propose a mixture between old and new. Catalogued as one of Istanbul’s best places, it’s occasional DJ on deck, it’s elaborate seafood dishes and the fascinating change of Munferit restaurant at 2 AM for a dance floor, speaks for itself.

Vertigo 42Last but not least, London. Situated in Tower 42, at the 42nd floor stands Vertigo 42 Champagne Bar. Offering a wide selection of more than 30 unique champagnes and a spectuacular view of London skyline, Vertigo 42 is a sure bet. Enjoy a 360º view of London while tasting an exquisite sparkling glass of champagne or a cocktail; it is better at sunset to enjoy the Tamesis and the multiple scenes that the British capital owns. Just relax and sit back, enjoy the perfect company of a perfect day!

Try boosting Valentine’s mood by wearing a red accessory. My favorite picks are the Reverso Lady Ultra Thin by Jaeger-LeCoultre, a Dior Bag and a fancy perfume CH Carolina Herrera.

CH Carolina Herrera9CH Carolina Herrera

Enjoy wherever you are and whomever you are with, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Images by Dior and Jaeger-LeCoultre are courtesy of the brands.