Artistic: Nihilistic Optimistic

Since October 10th and until November 24th, London Hanover Square is the place to be!

The British collaborative duo Timothy “Tim” Noble and Susan “Sue” Webster, associated with the post-YBA generation of artists, return to London, more precisely to Blain|Southern international gallery, to present their first major solo exhibition since 2006.

Famous for their shadowy junk self-portraits, these artistic duo take ordinary rubbish, discarded wood and other everyday material to create, out of light, projected shadows.

Connected with the streets, their studio and everyday compositions, their artwork resumes into a dualistic theme responding to opposite forces: Nihilistic/Optimistic, Light/Shadow, Form/Absence. This expo builds upon the artists’ sustained investigation into self-portraiture, further deconstructing the relationship between materiality and form which has been so intrinsic to their practice. 

The exhibition features six large-scales works giving a sense of implicit urban chaos within the construction of the surrounding gallery environment. This can be understood by just looking to the floor, which has  dust and fragments of wood are scattered all over and suggesting suggesting they have been constructed in-situ, rather than assembled or transported in.

The precision and accuracy attention to details is fantastic, I encourage you examine every piece of it with accuracy, for example, how wires act as a “hair effect”. You´ll be amazed by the effects of nihilistic/optimistic feelings.