Pepito Barcelona

Pepito Barcelona

Pepito Barcelona

Spain has always been one of the top places in the world when it comes to food. I confess that over these 2 years I’ve never tried so much different food and tasted so much wine. In Barcelona, I visited a wide range of restaurants, from small and cheap locals to prestigious locations renown worldwide. But recently, a new restaurant caught my attention: Pepito.

With a prestigious location between Rambla Cataluña and Paseo de Gracia, Pepito specializes (evidently) in Pepitos. This classic meal turns into a gourmet dish with ingredients such as Brie cheese, foie and pimientos de padrón (the typical green Galician peppers with a salty touch).

Pepito Restaurant

Pepito Restaurant

The menu holds a variety of plates such as salads exquisitely finished, meats, tartar, cod with honey and gourmet tapas. As well, many D.O. from Spain are available for you to choose and marry your meal to boost each flavor.

Pepito Barcelona

Pepito Barcelona

This fashionable and trendy site is the “it place” for Barcelona’s sybarites. The decoration and service allows the guests to stay longer to have dessert or enjoy a last drink in good company.



I urge you to visit it and try the Pepito Dupont (pimientos de padrón, foie and mushroom) or the Pepito Puig (brie cheese and grilled tomato), if you’re not into pepitos the salmon tartar with avocado is amazing, as well as the patatas bravas or the salad with burrata.

Don’t forget to make a reservation during weekends!


Gloutonnerie: My Birthday’s choice

GloutonnerieIt´s always a tough decision to choose a place to celebrate your birthday, in my case, I wanted a nice restaurant where I could have excellent food, exquisite wine, nice music and where I could be at ease; for this multiple reasons, it all pointed out to one of my top 5 restaurants in Mexico City: Gloutonnerie.

I first visited this restaurant when it opened it´s doors in 2007 and, since then, I´ve always been an assiduous client. One of the first things I was really amazed by was the decoration, this contemporary-retro place with Art Decó elements positions Gloutonnerie as an ultrachic spot, with elegant taste and a sophisticated touch. Gloutonnerie

Located at Campos Elíseos street, in Polanco, this restaurant is well-known for it´s French-International food. Terrine of Foie Gras, Onion soup, steak tartar, homemade pasta and, in my point of view,  the best Escargots a la Bourguignon in Mexico, are some of it´s delightful dishes made by Chef Anuar Estrada.Escargots a la Bourguignon

Sopa de Cebolla

As a wine lover I definitively have to talk about the uniqueness of this restaurant´s winery. More than 250 labels from the best wines in the world are gathered in Gloutonnerie’s Winebox. This unique concept helps every person understand, in an easy way, the best way to make the most of each chosen wine: country, region, type of grape, tasting notes and suitable marriage. This fancy box is well-organised by countries in an elegant way making the “wine decision” an interesting, pleasant and fun experience. Winebox

This place is excellent for family and friends reunions, as it has an amazing terrace in which you can have a last glass of dessert wine, Louis XIII Cognac, carajillo or a delightful dessert.terraza gloutonnerieTerraza Gloutonnerie






I love this place as I always leave with a good taste in my mouth (in every sense of the word). I assure you that you´ll have a pleasant experience while visiting as each dish is treated as a masterpiece made by an artist, just be sure to have a light breakfast cause every meal is worth trying!

All images are courtesy of Gloutonnerie

Twitter: @Gloutonnerie

logo gloutonnerie

The Llamber experience

Llamber_By_Rodrigo_Stocco_0002It´s Friday and we all know what that means…time to relax, hang out with friends and family and have a nice meal that´s worth waiting the week for.

I love trying new restaurants, and lately, every Friday I introduce myself into an unknown gastronomic adventure where my palate performs as the only judge with a final verdict. I´ve had very good experiences and also, I´ve had terrible ones; but there is one restaurant that definitively deserves an A+ in every way: Llamber Taberna Gastronómica.


14374_172528482887742_155932426_nSituated beside the Born´s market in Barcelona, Llamber knows the meaning of the word gastronomy. It´s precision and perfection in every plate makes the “tapeo” concept an experience to every guest.

Fran Heras (chef and gastronomical director who had formerly worked with Ferrán Adriá “El Bulli”) and Eva Arbonés (winery supervisor, head chief in the room and interior designer) are the tandem behind Llamber. This is their second bet, as the first Llamber opened three years ago in Avilés. Their purpose is to offer a personal style based in the pleasures of a gastronomical experience and comfort, and also, to open the possibility for every public to have a good time while having a great meal at a reasonable price.Llamber comida

Boquerones, Gochu Asturcelta, Raf tomatoes from Almería and many other fresh and perfectly cared products are served for the guests to enjoy a wide diversity of dishes from this Spanish restaurant with Asturian inspiration and a Catalan savoir faire (the name “Llamber” itself, comes from the Asturian dialect that means trying diverse plates). Llamber_By_Rodrigo_Stocco_0012

Also, for wine lovers, Llamber has a winery offering 150 different references of wine including red, white, rosé, sparkling and dessert wine.

Some of the chef´s suggestions are: Fondue de parmesano con langostinos y trigueros, Guiso de plátano y piña con espuma de coco and Terrina de foie casera con maíz en texturas. Personally, I suggest Bonito marinado en salsa teriyaki, pesto de rucula y piñones (amazing!) and Patatas al cabrales con praliné de avellanas, you won´t regret it.











Llamber really works on making each meal a pleasure and, I would say, it was not only a pleasure, it was an experience way beyond a simple meal.

All images are courtesy of Llamber Taberna Gastronómica.logo llamber

A piece of Art-chitecture

Every day holds the possibility of meeting new people who contribute something to your life. In Barcelona, I´ve had the chance to meet amazing people from different sectors (journalists, designers, artists,…) who have given me new ideas, have encouraged me, or just inspired me.

Last week I had an extremely nice chat while walking through Barcelona´s streets with Josep Ferrando, an extremely well known Catalan architect. I knew his work as he is the master mind behind the house of my dreams. After a few minutes of talk I simply knew I had to include him in my blog, and since I´m a huge fan of lifestyle and Japanese food I knew exactly what direction would this post take.

Josep, along with the architect Esteban Terradas, designed the amazing Japanese restaurant Icho, located in the centre of Barcelona. This time, it´s not about wine and food, it´s about art!

When starting a new creation, Josep affirms: “I don´t have a personal signature on my work, I believe it´s more about creating a lifestyle”, and Icho is lifestyle itself. With a perimeter of irregular geometry perfectly and strategically planned, Icho focuses on the Japanese style of minimalism, serenity and space.

As for materials they decided to go for wood (for a warm atmosphere and a Japanese touch), polished stone (to reflect the ceiling´s amazing design), and steel.

When going inside Icho, there is just something you just have to watch: the ceiling. Made out of irregular wood and strategically distributed for an amazing antagonistic effect of dynamism and static, the ceiling plays with you along your way. Also, illumination and acoustic merge into the restaurant´s “landscape” through the ceiling, as they both take an important part in the Icho´s architecture. 


I had the opportunity to visit Josep´s working place and observe the mock-up for Icho, which was a work of art-soon to be an artistic restaurant. There is nothing else that I can say, it´s now up to you to observe and admire. Now remember, when you go inside Icho, you´ll be amazed by the architecture and precision which really functions as a lifestyle.


All images were taken by: Adrià Goula.


Heaven on earth

It was only three months ago that I was living one of the best experiences in my life.

It was mid August and I decided to make the most of my Summer in Spain by traveling to places like Níjar, Almería, Torredembarra, Altafulla, Tarragona and Aguamarga, but there was one place that I´ll always look back with certain affection: Granada.

This majestic place is often related to The Alhambra, a Moorish citadel and palace. I was breathless when I stood up in front of it, in that moment I knew I had nothing else to do but to contemplate and admire it.

One day was not enough, as I had few time to visit Granada´s Cathedral,the neighborhood of Albaycin, Mirador de San Nicolás, and of course The Alhambra, where gardens go beyond the meaning of beauty.










The famous Spanish tapas are amazing there, try having a plate called Pipirrana (cucumber, tomato, onion and green pepper), shrimp seasoned with salt, gazpacho, tortilla Sacromonte or migas. Each drink you ask for (a glass of white wine was the perfect match for me) is accompanied by a tapa, and it´s amazing how affordable they are. This kind of tapas can be tasted at any casual restaurant or bar.

The trip had to finish with nothing but an excellent dinner with a view of an illuminated Alhambra at Carmen de las Tomasas. Located in an old quarter of carmen the Albaycín, it´s strategical site allows guests to witness a complete view of The Alhambra, Generalife and the city of Granada with its vast plain.  I have to say this is one of the best restaurants I´ve been in my whole life.

I ate a tuna tataki (that i´m longing to have again) and a steak tartar, exquisite!!! The tataki was beyond amazing, I swear it was way far away from any  meal I´ve tried, it was heaven on earth. Be sure to make a reservation!

Now that you´ve heard my experience, I hope you aim as much as I do to visit Granada…once and again.