Barcelona´s secret place

Every city has it´s enchanted secret places away from everyday masses and noise; in Barcelona Roba Estesa is that place. Situated  inside the Neri Hotel, this rooftop terrace delivers the best of the Gothic Quarter.

This hotel is built upon 2 medieval places, giving Hotel Neri an exquisite antique frontage opposing to it´s sophisticated and contemporary interior style. Roba Estesa is Neri´s latest proposal, as it is an excellent place to escape from everyday´s busy lifestyle. The name Roba Estesa, meaning widespread clothes in catalan, literally acquires it´s name from all the neighbor terraces that you can contemplate from the rooftop. 

Take your time enjoying a cold glass of white wine while you hear birds around you, or just lay in the hammocks while having a talk with your gal surrounded by an urban garden. Roba Estesa´s setting based on feng-shui and the five elements will always give you a relaxing and “chillaxing” feeling while you have the sky as the only limit.