Pepito Barcelona

Pepito Barcelona

Pepito Barcelona

Spain has always been one of the top places in the world when it comes to food. I confess that over these 2 years I’ve never tried so much different food and tasted so much wine. In Barcelona, I visited a wide range of restaurants, from small and cheap locals to prestigious locations renown worldwide. But recently, a new restaurant caught my attention: Pepito.

With a prestigious location between Rambla Cataluña and Paseo de Gracia, Pepito specializes (evidently) in Pepitos. This classic meal turns into a gourmet dish with ingredients such as Brie cheese, foie and pimientos de padrón (the typical green Galician peppers with a salty touch).

Pepito Restaurant

Pepito Restaurant

The menu holds a variety of plates such as salads exquisitely finished, meats, tartar, cod with honey and gourmet tapas. As well, many D.O. from Spain are available for you to choose and marry your meal to boost each flavor.

Pepito Barcelona

Pepito Barcelona

This fashionable and trendy site is the “it place” for Barcelona’s sybarites. The decoration and service allows the guests to stay longer to have dessert or enjoy a last drink in good company.



I urge you to visit it and try the Pepito Dupont (pimientos de padrón, foie and mushroom) or the Pepito Puig (brie cheese and grilled tomato), if you’re not into pepitos the salmon tartar with avocado is amazing, as well as the patatas bravas or the salad with burrata.

Don’t forget to make a reservation during weekends!


An exclusive place for wine lovers

SitgesIt seems like finally warm weather is here to stay. Beaches in Barcelona, chiringuitos and terraces are starting to be full, and coats have been replaced by dresses.

Making the most of this friendly weather I decided to visit Sitges last weekend to have some time off and relax.

After a 30 minute ride, I arrived to the town of Sitges, renowned worldwide for its Film Festival and Carnival. The weather was perfect for a walk so I just took off looking for interesting things…and it turns out that I did find something that really attracted me.

In the middle of Carrer Sant Gaudenci, the buzz of a group of people laughing while smoking a cigarette grabbed my attention. They were all holding a glass of wine in the entrance of a wine bar: Perbacco.entrada

As I walked in I noticed a very nice environment filled with wine lovers, all chatting on small groups while enjoying a glass of wine. A long rectangular table surrounded by a wide range of more than 790 references in wine (red, white and rosé), cava, champagne and liqueurs was the place to be for me on that afternoon.

vinosPerbacco is a wine store which offers the possibility for customers to taste wine while enjoying a plate (or plates) of selected tapas. It has nothing to do with a restaurant as the exclusive environment really offers the customer the possibility to try very good wines accompanied with exquisite tapas like: mature sheep cheese, smoked sardines, Iberian hams and sausages and bread (to name a few), in a more informal and friendly atmosphere.

I tasted an excellent glass of Carmelo Rodero, Ribera del Duero 2011 (9 months in barrel), a plate of mature sheep cheese and bread sticks…it was paradise! I´ve always thought that the first sip of wine is always the best, but in this case every sip was even better till the last drop.quesos

Perbacco offers special and personalized attention in every situation, either for purchasing or tasting, they make you feel like the most important client in the store.

I urge you, when visiting Sitges, to visit Perbacco, an exclusive place for exclusive wine lovers…


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Cheers for Penedés!

Last summer I decided to check mark an activity I always wanted to do: visit a Spanish vineyard. Spain has always been well renown for it´s excellent wines and there are many regions around it´s territory; La Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Navarra and Jerez are some of the most well-known, but since I am in Catalonia I decided to start with Penedés.

The entire Penedés region comprehends the Upper, Central and Lower Penedés. Although this D.O. owes it´s fame to the cava production, white and red wines are also amazing! 

I visited 3 wineries: Jean León, Bodegas Torres and Freixenet. Each one of them had it´s own enchantment, flavour, smell and of course, history.

Jean León was the first visit. I have to say it was quite disconcerting for me as the tour started at 9 AM. Too early for wine tasting! Even though, the experience was amazing. The wines are kept in an underground cellar, and aged in French and American oak barrels, vineyards (divided by grape variety) surround the winery all over and the landscape is amazing. It was a short visit but very well explained. It finished with a wine tasting of Chardonnay, Merlot y Cabernet. Better impossible.

Next stop was Bodegas Torres. This was the one I was more excited about, and it was definitively my favorite. The visit consisted in a tour all over the winery on a truck (a kind of Disneyland transport). Headphones were provided to every one of us and we had an extremely well explained tour while driving around. Finally we had a wine tasting of three wines (Viña Esmeralda, Atrium, Celeste) with a marriage of cheese which was directed by an enologist.    

Finally it was Freixenet, famous for it´s cava. It consisted on a walking tour inside the winery which ended with another truck ride. You could observe many bottles had exploded as the pressure of this sparkling wine sometimes exceeds. Finally, cava tasting; Brut Rosé and Brut Nature Reserva (I got cava spilled all over me, but some people say it´s good luck though!) with ham, pantomate and Spanish tortilla. An amazing way to finish the wine route.

At the end of my tour, you can imagine my condition, I went back home and slept. Anyway I woke up remembering the great experience this was and how much worth it is to visit a vineyard while being in Spain.

Every time I taste wine I find it fascinating, the pleasures of each different scent, it´s flavor, the color and movement, are just a small part of the wine culture which has gained more interest in the past years.

I urge you to let yourself be seduced by the world of wine…

Heaven on earth

It was only three months ago that I was living one of the best experiences in my life.

It was mid August and I decided to make the most of my Summer in Spain by traveling to places like Níjar, Almería, Torredembarra, Altafulla, Tarragona and Aguamarga, but there was one place that I´ll always look back with certain affection: Granada.

This majestic place is often related to The Alhambra, a Moorish citadel and palace. I was breathless when I stood up in front of it, in that moment I knew I had nothing else to do but to contemplate and admire it.

One day was not enough, as I had few time to visit Granada´s Cathedral,the neighborhood of Albaycin, Mirador de San Nicolás, and of course The Alhambra, where gardens go beyond the meaning of beauty.










The famous Spanish tapas are amazing there, try having a plate called Pipirrana (cucumber, tomato, onion and green pepper), shrimp seasoned with salt, gazpacho, tortilla Sacromonte or migas. Each drink you ask for (a glass of white wine was the perfect match for me) is accompanied by a tapa, and it´s amazing how affordable they are. This kind of tapas can be tasted at any casual restaurant or bar.

The trip had to finish with nothing but an excellent dinner with a view of an illuminated Alhambra at Carmen de las Tomasas. Located in an old quarter of carmen the Albaycín, it´s strategical site allows guests to witness a complete view of The Alhambra, Generalife and the city of Granada with its vast plain.  I have to say this is one of the best restaurants I´ve been in my whole life.

I ate a tuna tataki (that i´m longing to have again) and a steak tartar, exquisite!!! The tataki was beyond amazing, I swear it was way far away from any  meal I´ve tried, it was heaven on earth. Be sure to make a reservation!

Now that you´ve heard my experience, I hope you aim as much as I do to visit Granada…once and again.

Defying Gravity

Yoga has been one of my favorite activities for almost 4 years now. It really helps me be in touch with my inner me, it soothes my mind and helps as a regular “fitness activity” as well.

I started as a Hatha Yoga fan, but lately, I´ve tried several kinds of yoga like: Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Vinyasa. All of them are very distinct since they focus on different aspects. It was on this never-ending adventure that I discovered my latest addiction: D-Gravity.

You might be wondering,  what kind of yoga is that?! I have to say, it´s one of my favorites. It´s a mixture between gymnastics, pilates, dance, acrobatics and yoga (kind of Cirque Du Soleil style). A hammock firmly hanged to the ceiling will let you define yourself and gravity with many posture possibilities.

The American dancer and gymnast, Christopher Harrison, created this yoga style with the intention to improve health, soothe stress, gain more flexibility and, of course, improve your body figure as it focuses on your abs, lower back, arms and butt.

I have to say this discipline really requires self-confidence, since there are moments you just have to let go yourself. For me, this has been a personal challenge in every class since every day I get to push myself a little harder and gain more confidence.

The exclusiveness for this yoga is held by DIR Fitness Club in Spain. I really urge you to practice it. You will be seized by an indescribable feeling of freedom.