The final dot

There is no doubt about it, it´s time to wear, use, eat and design with dots!

The original inspiration came from Yoyoi Kusama and her collaboration with the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

They come in every size, product and color. Whether you want them as the center of attention in your look or you rather hide them as underwear, this is a comeback trend you must make your best friend.

Looking at everyday street wear you may notice the different possibilities there are while adopting this trend. The easiest one, for more classic and conservative fashionistas, is wearing polka dots in your accessories. Brands like Zara (purse)  and Mango (gloves) have designed the cutest accessories and the best thing, you can wear them by day or night. 








For a more adventurous outfit try a total look like this one: 

The thing with polka dots is that, depending the size and the combination used (it you mix), it can look perfectly aesthetic or directly taken out of “Fashion Police”. Look at the picture in the left hand, it looks trendy, proportioned and feminine. That´s the look we want to achieve!

Now, there is always another option. To wear something with dots that boosts any casual outfit. Here is an example: 

Without the polka dots pants, the outfit would be focused in the jacket, but in this case the jacket comes as a secondary garment boosting the look to a perfectly trendy November look.

If you definitively don´t seem to get along with this trend, try to following 3 options for a “hidden polka dot addiction”:





Now that you know every detail on polka dots there`s nothing else to do but to adopt it your way!!