A 365 App

iPhoneI have to confess I love apps, I´ve downloaded as many as I´ve discovered for the past year and a half, when I became part of the “Applediction”. Some of them have remained until now, keeping me up with fashion updates and daily news, helping me to boost my pictures, shop online, advice me on Ayurveda or distract me for a minute (…or ten) with the addictive Candy Crush Saga.

However, none of my apps has ever been as tailor made as one that I recently discovered: 365 by WGSN.

Although this app is only for iPad, it stands as one of my top 3 since it reunites fashion and lifestyle all in one. It consists of a truly global calendar for the fashion industry, where fashion and cultural events are published every day. No matter where you are, you’ll always have an amazing plan.365 WGSN

BeijingCatwalks, tradeshows, competitions, awards, cultural events, arts, music, or conferences will always be as close as a fingertip touch. I find this so comfortable whenever I travel because there is always something going on.

Now, if you are one of the lucky people to have a WGSN account, you can access WGSN CityEdit app. It´s City Edit section will show you the best shopping, eating, drinking, sleeping and culture that your destination has to offer. If you mix both apps, you will sure have the journey of your life…



The Voguepedia

Imagine having detailed access to every Vogue magazines from 1892 and until now. Wouldn´t you become crazy? That´s what happened to me today when I found out this could be possible. Continue reading